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Orientation toward players. Players are most important.

At first, you need to assume a player’s point of view. You need to follow what players consider to be important and attractive and not what developers like. A game must be attractive to players, it must provide entertainment and it must be interesting for players.

At the same time, you should remember that your game should also have some education purposes. The storyline must present the assets of the Old Suburb and it must incorporate stories told by the inhabitants of the district. Education elements should be interwoven into the game structure in a way which will allow it to be entertaining to players. Hence, it is important to know target players of the game and to define their preferences.

First, imagine game players and answer the following questions:

  • Who are players?
  • What do they consider to be important in games? What game features do they look for?
  • What do they like?
  • What do they dislike?
  • What motivates them to play games?

You should also remember about all the above-mentioned elements during the further stages of game development. While introducing new elements, think about players’ response. What kind of emotions will a new game element evoke?


Players ‒ a family with small children. They play games to spend some time together and to take good care of their family bonds. The parents want to provide their children with good entertainment which can also teach them something new. They want to offer the children wise entertainment. The children want to have good fun with their parents. They often play various games. They enjoy challenge, competition and surprise. They have some problems with staying focused on one thing and they get distracted easily. They also get strongly involved into games. Playing games evokes a lot of emotions in them.

The Game of Gdansk is mainly addressed to young people, your peers. Think what features to put into the game you are going to develop to make it attractive for the youth.

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