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The Lowland Gate

  • The Lowland Gate (Brama Nizinna) was the only entrance to the city from the south.
  • Its construction was finished in 1626.
  • It was designed by Jan Strakowski, according to the fortification plans prepared by Cornelius van den Bosche.
  • There is Gdańsk coat of arms placed above the gate. There used to be an emblem of Prussia, which was an eagle. Today it is possible to see only four screws protruding from the wall where the Prussian emblem was fastened.
  • Some postcards feature an old fence at the Lowland Gate. At present there are only some fragments in the grass.
  • At present, the building houses Zejman, the Maritime Club.

Memories and stories told by the inhabitants

  • In 1970s some boys from the district organised a youth club, where a stage was constructed to organise guitar concerts and dancing parties.
  • The building also housed a DIY club and a club for amateur radio operators, cooperating with Unimor. DIY enthusiasts often referred to Zrób to sam (Do It Yourself), a book by Adam Słodowy.

Contemporary photographs

The Lowland Gate – a view from Dolna Brama St.

The Lowland Gate seen from Dolna Brama St. Contemporary photographs. The photograph features a brick building decorated with some elements made of light grey stone. The object houses an arched tunnel. On both sides of the tunnel there are pedestrian passages. Over the tunnel (at the level of the second floor) there are three windows and one window in the attic. All the windows are rectangular and they are set in stone frames. There are two symmetrical brick walls adjoining the building.

Archive photographs

The Lowland Gate – a postcard.

Gdańsk. The Lowland Gate – a postcard. Archive photographs. A black-and-white photograph presents the southern façade of the building (seen from the moat) which is built from light grey stone blocks. In the central part of the object there is an arched tunnel with two rectangular pedestrian passages on its both sides. Over the tunnel there is Gdańsk coat of arms. There is a road cobbled with flagstones leading to the gate. There is some water nearby. In the background some historic buildings can be observed.
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