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The National Museum

  • The building was used as the friary of the Franciscan Order, as a Latin school referred to as the schola particularis, as an academic gymnasium and as a library for the City Council and hospital.
  • In 1872 a Municipal Museum was established there and in 1945 the Pomeranian Museum was opened.
  • It is one of the oldest museums in Poland. The most valuable exhibit is The Last Judgement by Hans Memling.

Memories and stories told by the inhabitants

After the war, the inhabitants of Embankment Square and Pod Zrębem St had to go quite a long way to get water from a pump located in the square in front of the museum.

Contemporary photographs

Gdańsk. The National Museum. Contemporary photographs. The photograph presents a big, historic brick building which used to be a Franciscan monastery. The building is an example of the late Gothic architecture. In front of the building there is a metal gate and a fence. Above the entrance door there is an inscription “The National Museum”.

Minecraft: visualisation

Gdańsk. The National Museum. Minecraft visualisation. The photograph presents a big building constructed from dark brown blocks with the roof constructed from light brown blocks. In front of the building there is a grey cobbled path and some trees.

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