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Emotions. The game must provide players with experience.

While playing games, players can experience various emotions: excitement, agitation, frustration and sometimes even anger. It is developers’ task always to prevent players from the sense of boredom and discouragement.

Develop emotions and experience in players by creating credible characters who players can feel identified with. Reach for memories and stories told by the inhabitants of the Old Suburb. Develop your game based on true events to affect players’ imagination. The worst enemy of a compelling storyline is repetitiveness. Therefore, you should plan various tasks. Remember to make your storyline and challenges cohesive for players.

Tip: Always ask yourself how players should feel at various stages of the game. At the stage of design you should analyse how a particular aspect of the game can affect players. Will it make them feel sad, afraid or maybe will it make them laugh? If you think that indifference can be players’ only response, it is better to change or to remove this aspect from the game.

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