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Place & Time

First, become familiar with the district of the Old Suburb.

A resource database can be found on the Game of Gdansk project website.

The database includes a list of locations, objects and buildings, a map of the Old Suburb and memories of the inhabitants who have been related to these places. Have a look at the archive materials collected by the Society of the Storytellers of the Lower Town of Gdańsk.

Make the inhabitants’ stories and descriptions of the particular locations your reference points and inspiration in the process of game development.

The characteristic features of the Old Suburb:

  • location in the close vicinity of the Old Town, still – literally off the beaten tracks followed by tourists;
  • pre-war architecture, old buildings (tenement houses, an old city pawnshop)
  • historical objects (e.g. the Wiebe Barracks, the Small Armoury);
  • unique cosy atmosphere, peace and silence of Embankment (Wałowy) Square;
  • park greenery, trees, recreation areas on the bastions;
  • location in the close vicinity of the canals of the Old Motława River and the Motława Arm.

Become familiar with the map of the district in the game of Minecraft. Which elements of the Minecraft district model would you definitely like to use? Which elements do you think are essential for the storyline and which elements can be omitted? You might like to act as creators of the Old Suburb space in Minecraft and develop objects which have survived only in the memory of some inhabitants of the district (e.g. a fountain at Embankment Square). You can put some interesting stories there along with memories collected in a form of a book. At this stage, your vision has been just started and such decisions are not the final ones. Later you will be able to make some changes. Remember that the game you are developing should reflect the reality. Think how to incorporate the Minecraft district model into the storyline. Here you will find some tips how to do it.

Answer the following questions:

  • What characteristic places can be found there?
  • What is the history of these places?
  • Who comes to these places?
  • What are their inhabitants like? What do they look like?
  • Are there any visitors?
  • Do any animals live there?
  • How does everyday life look like at these places?
  • What kind of atmosphere is there?
  • What sounds can be heard there?
  • Who is very unlikely to be met there?
  • What historical period do these events take place in?
  • What technology is available during this particular historical period?

Example: Have a fresh look at the town. It can turn out that the neglected ruins in the game will be transformed into a deserted village.

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