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The Majchrowski Bakery

  • The bakery is located at 12 Dolna Brama St. in the vicinity of the Lowland Gate.
  • Before the war, August Hemann’s bakery was situated in the same place.
  • In 1970s Ryszard Majchrowski, a baker, opened his shop in the building of the former bakery.
  • The bakery has been highly popular with the inhabitants of the district. All baked goods are made according to the traditional recipes.
  • At present, the bakery is run by the second generation of the Majchrowski family.

Memories and stories told by the inhabitants

  • There has been always a queue in front of the Majchrowski Bakery.
  • Bread has always had perfect crust – when you press it, you can hear a crispy snap.

Contemporary photographs

A building where the Majchrowski Bakery has been operating since the 1970s.

Gdańsk. The Majchrowski Bakery. Contemporary photographs. The building which has been housing the Majchrowski Bakery since 1970s. The photograph presents a small brick building with the ground floor covered with plaster and partially covered with dark pink paint. The ground floor has a grey door in the centre and a window with bright metal bars. Above the entrance door there is a white board with a red inscription: “Bakery. Ryszard Majchrowski. 12 Dolna Brama St.” At the level of the first floor there is no plaster on the wall and the bricks are visible. There is one window covered with a curtain. The building is of a cubical shape and there is a small extension adjoining its left side. In front of the building there is a lawn and a small deciduous tree. There are some more trees in the background.

Minecraft: visualisation

Gdańsk. The Majchrowski Bakery. Minecraft visualisation. The photograph presents a building whose base is constructed from dark grey blocks and its upper part – from brick blocks. The building is of a cubical shape and there is a small extension adjoining its left side. On the ground floor there is a wooden entrance door and a small window. On the first floor there is one window. The building is surrounded by a lawn, a few trees and some red flowers.
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