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Primary School 7

Primary School no.7 at 8 Dolna Brama St.:

  • Before the war, the building housed a primary school for girls. After the war, it was respectively converted into Primary School no. 7, Vocational School Complex at UNIMOR Electronic Appliance Manufacturing Plant in Gdańsk and WSB University in Gdańsk.
  • At present, the building houses the headquarters of the INNaczej Social Innovation Fund.
  • The fund has been established for inhabitants of Gdańsk, especially those who have some interesting ideas and civil initiatives. The aim of the fund is to develop prototypes of products and services in response to the needs of the community. It offers substantial and financial support to innovators.

Memories and stories told by the inhabitants

  • The school janitor used a hand bell. In winter he had to make fire in huge stoves installed in each classroom.
  • School benches were equipped with tilted tops and incorporated seats. There were special holes for ink bottles and places for nibs.

Contemporary photographs

After the war, the building accommodated Primary School no. 7.

Gdańsk. The Primary School no. 7. Contemporary photographs. The photograph presents a massive historic brick building which consists of three floors and a ground floor. There are numerous large rectangular windows on each floor. The windows on the ground floor are barred with white metal rods. The roof is covered with brick tiles. There are lots of coniferous trees in front of the school building. The school area is surrounded with a green metal fence set on a low brick wall.

Archive photographs

After the war, children learnt how to write their first letters with steel nibs and ink.

Gdańsk. The Primary School no. 7. Archive photographs. The photograph presents an old ink bottle filled with blue ink. There is a blue-and-white label on the ink bottle with a blue inscription on the white background: “Blue ink for fountain pens” and a yellow inscription on the blue background: “Astra”.

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