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About the project

The graphics represent an inscription made of large gray letters: "Game of Gdansk".
Implemented under the Urb Cultural Planning project by: Urb Cultural Planning, Interreg Baltic Sea Region, European Regional Development Found, EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, The Baltic Sea Curtual Centre in Gdańsk, Curtual Institution of Pomorskie Self-Government.

The Game of Gdansk project has been implemented under Urb Cultural Planning, an international project, which is co-funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region. It is dedicated to cultural planning in cities. There are 14 partners and 36 associated organisations from 7 Baltic countries who have been participating in the project. The organiser of the project is the Baltic Sea Cultural Center in Gdańsk.

One of the project objectives is to activate the district of the Old Suburb (Stare Przedmieście) by implementing cultural activities in cooperation with its inhabitants. The Game of Gdansk is intended to incorporate the youth of Gdańsk into the process of a dialogue about shaping the common urban space and sustaining local communities. As a result of cooperation with young people, an interactive urban game will be developed by them in a form of a GameBook which will refer to the space and local history of the Old Suburb. The structure of the game will include elements of Minecraft, especially a mapped model of the district. The game will be accessible on a website and it will be possible to play it using computers and mobile devices.

What will you learn?

During the development of their own projects, the participants will acquire new skills and knowledge in the fields of:

  • creating structures and visualisations in the world of Minecraft
  • basics of website development
  • basics of HTML5/CSS3
  • basic programming concepts
  • using the Twine tool
  • developing non-linear narration of stories/urban games
  • The history, everyday life and future of the Lower Town (Dolne Miasto). They will learn about the assets of the district, based on the memories and stories told by the inhabitants and also on planned and current events (the Social Archive of the Storytellers).

What do you have to know?

The implementation of the project has been started from scratch, so you do not have to have any experience in programming or website developing. Basic computer skills will be quite enough.

Who is this tutorial for?

The project is addressed to pupils of primary and secondary schools and enthusiasts. It is also a good starting point for anyone interested in website development and web technologies. The material put on the website is also addressed to teachers who would like to prepare classes in GameBook development.


Video tutorial

There has been also a tutorial developed in a form of videos which are accessible on YouTube.
GAME OF GDANSK – playlist

Implementation stages

  • Development of an urban game and collecting materials
  • Development of an interactive urban game in a form of a website
  • Development of a visualisation in the world of Minecraft, with the use of a map of the Old Suburb
  • Presentation/publication of the projects


Karolina Cisło (a specialist in storylining and urban games)

Tomasz Fedak (a computer science teacher)

Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda (a project coordinator of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk)

Project Team

PROJECT TEAM – Baltic Sea Cultural Center in Gdańsk

  • Coordination: Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda
  • Katarzyna Szewciów
  • Radek Jachimowicz
  • Maria Wandryszkiewicz
  • Dorota Hryniewicz
  • Sylwia Gutowska


  • Jan Paruszewski
  • Damian Szyszko


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